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Wish #1: Well Met; Elliot/Tobias; R

Wish #1: Well Met; Elliot/Tobias; R

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Wish Fulfilled
Character(s) or Pairings: Elliot Stabler/Tobias Beecher
Canon/AU/Crossover: AU
Keywords/Phrases: first time sex! Toby works with Elliot on a important case and they fall in love for each other.
Special requests: UST, angst, romance, smut. No Oliska, please.
Artwork/Icons/Vids: N/A (as in: No Answer or Not Applicable)

Well Met

"You're kidding me, right?" Elliot Stabler stared at his captain, disbelieving. "I mean, yeah, I've been a little hard on partners lately -" Elliot stuttered to a stop at Cragen's raised eyebrow, then gamely continued, "still, a lawyer?"

Captain Cragen settled his hands firmly on his desk and leaned forward as if to confide a great secret. "You haven't been a little hard on partners, you've been a real pain in the ass. Even Fin and Munch don't want to catch cases with you." Elliot shot a betrayed look toward the squad room. "This case is different; we need a lawyer and you need to learn to work with him. Got it?"

"Yeah, I got it. So when's this guy gonna show up?"

"Right about now," Cragen answered, looking over Elliot's shoulder.


Elliot stretched his shoulders as he rolled his head on his neck. Three times clockwise, three times counterclockwise, and then a final drop forward. The resulting crack startled the man sitting at the desk opposite.

"God, do you do that all the time?"

"Nah, just when I need to." Elliot grinned a bit. "So, Beecher?"

Busy straightening the papers that had shot across the desk when he jumped, the other man took a moment to answer. "Well, Stabler, at least you remember my last name. That's a start."

"What do you mean? Of course I remember your name."

"Could have fooled me. You haven't used it in," the man made a show of checking his watch, "three hours by my count. And considering I've only known you for three and a half hours -"

Elliot let the silence build after Beecher's words trailed off. Maybe the guy was right. Maybe he was being a jerk. And maybe he'd been more than a little hard on partners lately. But he could still do the right thing. "Elliot," he blurted out. Okay, maybe he couldn't do the right thing. "My first name." And now the guy was laughing at him. "I mean, you could call me -"

"I get it, I get it." Beecher's chuckles stopped and he held his hand out over the desktops. "Nice to meet you, Elliot, I'm Toby."


For a sports bar, the place wasn't too bad. The television sets were spaced far enough apart that the different game sounds didn't mix too much, and the crowd wasn't made up of paint-your-belly-and-cheer-for-the-Jets types. Elliot watched Toby drag another French fry through a puddle of ketchup.

"Sure you don't want a beer? We're off the clock." He took a pull off his own Bud.

"No, thanks." Toby looked up from his demolished burger. "Alcohol and I don't mix too well. My mind's altered enough already, don't need any more help."

"Really? You never drink?"

"Not anymore." Toby's wry grin hinted at stories that would probably scare Elliot sober too.

Elliot put his empty bottle on the table and leaned back comfortably in his chair. "So, the perp is a lawyer. It makes sense we need a lawyer to catch him."

"Set a thief to catch a thief?" Toby's eyebrows rose.

"Nah, not all lawyers are thieves." Elliot waited a beat. "Just most of 'em."

Toby's laughter rang through the bar. "Somehow, I knew you'd say that."

Elliot nodded behind his own grin. "Yeah, yeah, got a reputation to keep. Anyway, why you?"

"A reputation?"

"Quit dodging the question, Mr. Attorney."

"Not me. I wouldn't do a thing like that, Officer." Toby's grinned flashed again. "Okay, okay, why me? It's simple, really. Laughton used to work for our firm."

Elliot waited for more information, but none seemed to be coming. "That's it? You knew the guy so, what? You'll have some insight into who he'll rape and brutalize next?" He knew his voice was sharp, but there was something Toby wasn't telling him.

There was no sign of the grin when Toby lifted his head this time. "No, no, that's not it at all. I just - I volunteered. To help." Elliot's why was unspoken, but he knew Toby could read it in his gaze. "Look, I feel responsible, okay? Laughton came to us with an idea to do pro-bono work with single mothers going after deadbeat dads and stuff. I sold my father on the idea, said it might cost the firm money in the short term, but that it would help us in the long run. Three months later, I started hearing rumors from the office staff about Laughton's clients leaving his office in tears. I looked into it, but none of the women wanted to talk. A month later, I got an anonymous letter saying that Laughton was telling these women that there was a charge for his services after all. If they wanted to keep his representation they had to do sexual favors for him. When I confronted him about it, he didn't even lose his cool. The next morning he, and all of his files, were gone."

The sound of the Jets fans groaning over a fumble filled the silence between Elliot and Toby. Elliot wanted to comfort Toby, tell him it wasn't his fault, but he knew that wouldn't help and might not be totally true.

"You should have told me this a week ago." Elliot flinched as Toby's blue eyes locked on him over the table.

"Why? So you could get someone else who wasn't too close to the case?"

"No. And remind me to tell you sometime how ironic that was." Elliot pushed his chair back from the table and stood. "Come on, you're gonna get me a list of your firm's clients. Now we might be able to get somewhere."


Toby shut the file and shoved it away with a groan. "Okay, I'll admit it, tracking Laughton by clients and client connections was a good idea. Now we know he's been with two other firms in the last six months. But damn, I haven't read this much since law school."

"Aw. Sorry about that, Counselor." Elliot's chuckle denied any pity he might be feeling for Toby. "Feeling your age?"

"Hey!" Toby threw a crumpled candy bar wrapper at Elliot's head. "I'm not that old."

"It's not the years, it's the mileage." Elliot ducked as a garbage filled take-out bag was launched at him.


"So, it's your turn."

Elliot dragged his attention away from the screen where the Knicks were kicking the Raptors collective ass. His turn for what? To pay? Toby could obviously see the confusion on his face.

"You owe me an explanation of that ironic comment. And I want to hear more about this reputation of yours."

"What is this, True Confessions of a Sports Bar Junkie?" Elliot knew it was a lame attempt, but he had to try.

"You owe me." Elliot watched Toby slouch back comfortably in what had become their booth over the last three weeks.

"Okay, okay, if it'll shut you up. You're a worse nag than my ex-wife, ya know?"

Toby sat up a little straighter. "Ex-wife?"

The need to find a way out of this conversation rose strongly, but Elliot pushed it down, hard. It hadn't worked with Kathy, and it probably wouldn't work now. "Yeah, guess she's a big part of all of it." Elliot looked across at Toby and realized how reassuring it was to see those blue eyes stare back at him calmly. Only three weeks and he was already used to having Toby there. And wasn't that odd?

"So, yeah, my story." Elliot tore his gaze from Toby's. "Not too different from most cops to start with. I got on the job to help, ya know? Spent a few years on a beat, married my high school sweetheart, made detective. Then they asked me to join the SVU. I was proud. They weren't asking just anyone; this was tough work, and my captain thought I could do it. Kathy took me out for dinner the night I got the official assignment, to celebrate."

"What happened to that guy? How'd he become the hard ass detective with a reputation for running off partners?"

Elliot stared at Toby. "Hey, if you know this shit already, why are you asking?" A slight smile took the edge off Elliot's words.

"Because I want to know the truth, not the rumors." No smile accompanied the words; Toby looked serious and that reassured Elliot more than he'd known he'd needed.

"That guy hung around for a couple years. But the cases sorta wore him down. Huang said I wasn't able to fully disassociate myself from the trauma of the victims. Kathy said I couldn't leave my job at the squad. I got a couple of partners, but they never lasted long, the job broke them. Then Kathy left. Probably a good thing we never had kids. I was a mess for a while there. Cragen assigned me a female partner, maybe hoping that we could share some emotional middle ground."

"Huang again?"

"What? Did he say that shit to you too?"

"Nah, you just sounded like him when you said it." Toby grinned. "You know, all pseudo-soothing and caring."

The chuckle this forced out of Elliot felt good. "Hey, that's me, Mr. Pseudo-soothing." He shared another grin with Toby then set his shoulders to finish his tale.

"Anyway, we didn't have much middle ground, emotional or otherwise. She asked for a transfer out within a month. That set the pattern. I haven't had a partner last over three months in five years. I haven't seen Kathy in nearly that long. And I still get too involved in the cases, just ask Cragen." Elliot grabbed his beer and drained it, waiting for Toby to say something, anything.

"Huh. Guess it's a good thing I'm not one to follow the crowd then, isn't it?" Elliot watched Toby stand and stared blankly at the hand held out toward him. "C'mon partner, let's get out of here, we've got lots of interviews to do tomorrow if we're gonna catch that bastard, Laughton."

Elliot knew that holding hands all the way to the car was out of the question, but he smiled as he felt Toby's shoulder brush his with every second step he took.


The second clockwise head roll was almost complete when Elliot heard Toby's pen hit the desk. The sound echoed through the empty squad room.

"Cut that out, damn it!"

"What?" Elliot stopped moving. "You don't jump when I do it anymore, I thought we were good."

"We are, but your neck isn't."

"And that's why I'm cracking it," Elliot said patiently.

Toby pushed away from the desk. "Jesus, that has got to be killing your spine. Here, let me help."

The feel of strong fingers digging into his neck made Elliot startle. Then Toby's thumb dug right into the knot that had started the head rolling and Elliot groaned. "I'll give you two hours to stop doing that."

Toby's chuckle was drowned out by another long groan from Elliot. As Toby continued to work rhythmically across his neck and shoulders, Elliot felt himself relaxing for what felt like the first time in a very long time. The tendons and muscles loosened and Elliot's head began to roll with the motion. Toby pulled back hard, digging his thumbs in to either side of the spine; with something that sounded a lot like a whimper, Elliot let his head rest back against Toby's stomach. He felt the twitch of Toby's muscles and looked up through half-lidded eyes to see Toby's lips part on a quick breath.

Elliot closed his eyes again before he spoke. "So, this thing, it's not just me then?"

"Whoa. What?" Toby's voice sounded far away.

"Or maybe it is." Elliot started to lean forward.

Toby's hands dragged him back, settling firmly on his shoulders. "No, wait, don't move. I was just surprised that you mentioned it."

"Yeah, well, if I had to look at you while I was saying it, it'd be different." Elliot shrugged, feeling Toby's hands move with him. "So, um, don't go getting any ideas about sitting down at your desk right now, okay?"

"Deal," Toby said. "And no, it's not just you."

Elliot felt his shoulders slump in relief. "Good, because, you know, this thing isn't my usual thing. I wasn't sure if the signals were the same."

Toby's hands were moving again, stroking instead of pushing tight muscles. "For the most part, signals are signals."

"So, this thing, it's your usual thing?"

"Sometimes. Is that okay?"

"Yeah, yeah, it's good." Elliot's hand reached up to cover Toby's. "It's probably better if at least one of us knows what he's doing."

"Probably not a bad idea. So, what are we doing?"

Elliot spun his chair to face Toby. "What? What do you mean what are we doing? You're the one with experience here."

Toby's grin was wide enough to frighten small children, and maybe Elliot, a little. "Yeah, but I made you look at me." Toby ducked Elliot's swat and danced around to the other side of the desks. "Seriously, though? Maybe we should wait to decide what we're doing until after we get Laughton. Don't get me wrong, I want to see where this can go, but -"

"What we've got now is working and you don't want us to screw up the case?" Elliot nodded as he looked at Toby. "Good plan, now get your ass in gear, partner. Let's get this bastard."

"Ha! I knew you were fascinated by my ass."


"We got him?" Toby leapt to his feet, followed closely by the three women in the room.

"We got him." Elliot watched two of the women dissolve into tears as the third comforted them. "Ms. Ramirez, I'd like to thank you again. If you hadn't agreed to give evidence we never could have taken Laughton down."

Luchia Ramirez straightened to her full height of 5' 2". "Like I told you, Detective Stabler, it wasn't so bad when it was just about me. I can take care of myself. But when somebody targets my family, my community, well, that's when I have to take a stand. So, what comes next?"

Elliot glanced at Toby before he answered. "They'll arraign him on charges, then you'll all likely be called to testify when the case goes to court. I'm not sure when that'll be, but the District Attorney's office will keep you informed."

Luchia nodded and gathered the other two women, herding them out toward ADA Novak. When the door closed behind them, Elliot turned to face Toby. The silence threatened to deafen him, so he licked his lips and repeated Luchia's words. "So, what comes next?"

"Dinner, my place, eight o'clock." Toby paced for one step for every word, bringing him right into Elliot's personal space. "And don't dress too formal, I'd hate to ruin your good clothes." With a pat on the shoulder and son of a bitch, was that? a wink, Toby slipped out the door.


"Dinner was great. I should probably say thank you." Elliot leaned around Toby to put the last dish on the counter, but he didn't step back.

"You probably should."

Toby surely planned to say more, but Elliot cut him off with a soft, questioning press of lips. It really wasn't that different from kissing a woman, he thought. Then Toby shifted, their stubble rasped together and a very male moan drifted between them. Okay, not so much like a woman then. Elliot's mind blanked out completely when Toby's mouth slid over his jaw, teeth grazing before fastening on an earlobe gently.

"So, ears good then?"

Elliot's groan could have been a yes. It likely should have been a yes, but Elliot didn't care. And Toby seemed to have understood him anyway, so really, what did it matter that Elliot couldn't speak?

Time passed in a blur of lips and tongues and seeking fingers. Elliot thought he should probably be more freaked out that a man was doing these things with him, but it wasn't just a man, it was Toby. That made it different somehow.

Chasing Toby's tongue as it slipped across his own, then flicked at his lips, Elliot opened his eyes slowly. He was surprised to find they were still in the kitchen. "Hey." His voice sounded slurred and his lips felt a bit swollen. Maybe it was the stubble. "Hey, Toby."

"Hmmm, what?" Toby didn't look up from his self appointed task of unbuttoning Elliot's shirt.

Shifting to make Toby's task easier, Elliot tried to remember what he wanted to know. "Oh, yeah, Toby, you got a couch? Or maybe a bed?" Toby's fingers stopped and Elliot could have kicked himself.

When Toby started dragging down the hall, Elliot decided maybe questions weren't so bad after all. "Bed," Toby said, throwing open a door like it was an accomplishment. Elliot truly thought it was.

"Bed," Elliot growled and rushed through the door, only to stop at the foot of the bed when he realized Toby wasn't with him.


"Sorry, just wanted to savor the sight of you walking to my bed."

Elliot blushed. "You know you're a romantic sap, right?"

"Yes," Toby cried, clasping his hands to his chest, "but I'm your romantic sap!"

Laughter eased a tension Elliot hadn't even noticed growing. "So," he said, moving to stand at the side of the bed, "we're really going to do this?"

Toby's hands tugged Elliot's shirt tails out to finish the job they'd started in the kitchen. "Yep. Is that a problem?"

"Nope." Elliot leaned back to slip his shirt off and toss it aside while Toby did the same. The rest of their clothes were removed with the same level of focus and practicality. And when he felt Toby slide against his naked body, he decided he was all for practicality.

"If it gets to be too much, if I do something you're not ready for, let me know. I'll stop. We don't have to do anything you don't want." Toby's words were meant to be kind, but Elliot didn't want kind.

Reaching up, Elliot framed Toby's face with his hands. "What I want is you. You're already too much for me, Counselor. What's a little sex gonna do to change that?" Pulling Toby down, he pressed their bodies together while he pushed his hips up. "That feel like I'm not ready?"

The gleam in Toby's eyes was exactly what Elliot had hoped for. "Okay, remember you asked for this." With that, Toby started an assault that left Elliot reeling. Toby's lips were everywhere, the hollow of Elliot's throat, nibbling on his ear, teasing at a nipple that peaked and begged for more. And his hands weren't far behind. Elliot thought about checking to see if Toby had grown another arm.

As overwhelming as it was, being the center of that much focused attention, Elliot managed to remember that he had hands and lips of his own. While Toby licked at a nipple, Elliot slid his hands down the broad back that he'd admired for weeks. When his fingers dipped in to whisper over Toby's tailbone, Toby's teeth nipped and their matching groans filled the room. Toby shifted, and Elliot felt his fingers slide deeper into the warm cleft.

"Do you? I mean, have you? I - " Elliot's words stuttered to a stop when Toby's eyes locked on his.

"Yes, I do. And yes, we will. But not right now. Right now, I want to taste you."

Elliot was about to comment on how thoroughly he'd been tasted already, but the feel of wet lips around his cock stopped him. The tongue that had proved so talented on his chest was even more wonderful as it teased his length, circling the head then gliding down the shaft. Before long, Elliot's hands were wrapped gently in Toby's hair while he tried to stop himself from thrusting into Toby's mouth. Just when he thought he couldn't take anymore, Toby's finger slid behind his balls and pressed.

"Jesus! Toby. God." Elliot's voice failed him, or maybe he couldn't hear over the rush of white noise that filled his head as he came harder than he ever had before. And Toby's mouth never stopped sucking. And Toby's finger never stopped rubbing. And Elliot felt himself curl up and around Toby's head, then fall back against the pillows feeling like he'd run a one minute mile.

"You okay?" Toby's fingers ghosted through his hair as Elliot slowly regained focus.

"Yeah, that was -" Elliot gestured with his hand between Toby's chest and his own. "Wow. This thing -"

"It's working for you?" Toby's words were playful, but his tone was hopeful.

"If it was working any better, I'd have a stroke."

"Well, we don't want that."

"I don't know," Elliot said, sliding a hand down Toby's chest to grasp the leaking cock he could feel against his hip. "A stroke seems to be just the thing we need right now."

"And later?" Toby gasped.

Elliot looked into Toby's eyes, trying to gauge what was being asked of him. "Later, you are going to take the time to teach me everything you know. This partnership has to be equal, ya know."

"That could take a lot longer than three months."

"I'm okay with that." Elliot leaned in to claim Toby's lips as his hand started to stroke.
  • Interesting alternate universe and very plausible. Nice smut. Thanks for posting!
    • Thanks so much. And thanks especially for liking the smut. (Hmm, that sounded much better in my head). I'm never quite sure if the smut works, since I don't think I've ever managed to write just smut. Even my uncomplicated smut usually ends up all twisty.

      Anyway, glad you enjoyed it.
  • (no subject) - zap99nad
    • Hee! I loved writing that bit. It was a rather late addition, but it worked so well. *g*

      I'm glad you liked it. This was my first attempt at writing Stabler, so I'm glad it was an AU. This way I can say I planned to make him different.
  • Elliot felt his shoulders slump in relief. "Good, because, you know, this thing isn't my usual thing. I wasn't sure if the signals were the same."

    LOLOL! Not his usual thing. That killed me. I really liked this. Great job under the gun!
    • Dang it, quit commenting! You're ruining my guessing, as this is the second time I pegged a fic as yours, LOL.
    • Elliot is just such a guy. I can't see him being even close to articulate about what he feels, so that line seemed to suit.

      Great job under the gun!

      Wanna know the ironic thing? I had most of this done before I ever left for Bermuda. But I was working on it on three different computers so I put it in a note pad file. Christmas Eve, I sat down, put it all in Word, changed a few things, got set to email it out ... and the damn hotel internet wouldn't let me send anything out. I was displeased, to say the least.

      Oh well, all's well that ends well.
  • *dies*

    So yeah, I am SO FOR THIS AU. Like, a lot. OMG. *flails*
    • Ooooh, I made you flail. Yay me!!!!!!!!!!

      So glad you liked it. I had so many different ideas for this, but these guys were the ones who took over my brain.
  • Thank you so much, anonymous author, for fulfilling my wish with such a delicious fic. I just love everything in it, especially the smut!*g*

    I really hope you write a sequel in the future.

    Thank you again and Merry Christmas!:)
    • Thank goodness you enjoyed it. I was so happy when I saw your comment. I've never written Stabler before, so I wasn't completely sure it worked. As for the smut, I'm never sure that works, so double yay.

      And you had to mention the sequel word, didn't you? I'm so damn suggestible. *sigh* I may have some ideas for a sequel, but they're gonna have to wait a bit since it's back to work for me tomorrow.

      Anyway, Merry Christmas to you too, and Happy New Year.
  • "If it was working any better, I'd have a stroke."

    Elliot isn't used to such strong sensations. He needs to keep partnering up with Toby the lawyer, beyond the three-month limit. He needs to learn.
    • Yes, Elliot must learn. Learning is important. In fact, Elliot should become a life-long learner. Don't you think?
  • Add me to the chorus that loves this AU!

    Also, I love the first kiss description:

    Toby surely planned to say more, but Elliot cut him off with a soft, questioning press of lips.

    Good move!

    Time passed in a blur of lips and tongues and seeking fingers. Elliot thought he should probably be more freaked out that a man was doing these things with him, but it wasn't just a man, it was Toby. That made it different somehow.

    Excellent description of the kiss and reaction/rationalization.

    Thanks for writing!
    • You have no idea how relieved I am that people like this. *g*

      It's funny that you would highlight the reaction/rationalization of Elliot in your comments. This is one area that I know got less attention than it deserved in the story. There is a part of me that just knows Elliot would have a lot more reservations about being attracted to a man, but at the same time, it's Toby and that seems to make all the difference to Elliot and I. Hmmm, maybe that's one of the things I'll explore in that sequel we all know I'm going to end up writing.
  • Toby pulled back hard, digging his thumbs in to either side of the spine; with something that sounded a lot like a whimper, Elliot let his head rest back against Toby's stomach. He felt the twitch of Toby's muscles and looked up through half-lidded eyes to see Toby's lips part on a quick breath.

    Elliot closed his eyes again before he spoke. "So, this thing, it's not just me then?"

    LOVED IT! I loved the comical banter between the two of them as well, and how easily they both acclimated to the other. And then to have them get together in the end...awesome!

    My only complaint: that it ended! ;o)
    • Thank you so much. They were a lot easier to write together than I thought they would be. I can see the allure of writing Beecher/Stabler ... it's like the hotness of Beecher/Keller, but better adjusted.

      And OMG, icon love!
      • I can see the allure of writing Beecher/Stabler ... it's like the hotness of Beecher/Keller, but better adjusted.

        You know what? That is SO TRUE! I couldn't have put it better myself!!

        And OMG, icon love!

        HEE! ((pokes through icons...)) Ok, how about some Beecher!Doll flailing? hehe
  • Wow. So good. So very very hot.

    So when's the sequel coming out?
    • Thanks, lady.

      So when's the sequel coming out?

      Sheesh. Pushy much? *bg* And I'll probably start working on it over the weekend after I finish up some stories that I owe to others.

      I never pegged Stabler for chatty, but my Stablermuse sure is.
  • How did I miss this one? What a wonderful Toby/Elliot Au story. I like the slow build up, the camaraderie and the UST without Elliot totally freaking out and Toby's flirtatious attitude.
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