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Tie Tuck Luv

He has the Right to remain Sexy

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The name of the comm was shamelessly stolen from inspired by the name of the Elliot thread at Television Without Pity; and if anyone wants to arrest us, please send a tall, handsome, blue-eyed detective to read us our rights. ;)

Anyway... This community is for fans of Elliot Stabler, the angst-ridden, sensitive, and sexy detective on Law & Order:SVU, portrayed by Christopher Meloni. A place to discuss the show and character, to share Elliot-fic and icons and whatever else we can think up.

Sister comm for Elliot fic challenges, here, write_up100.

Note: (Hopefully) Some fic posted here will be of an adult nature, het and/or slash, so if you are underarge, this isn't a place for you.

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